Choosing the Right Time and Attendance Software

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There are many reasons why a company needs a time and attendance software singapore. Ultimately, it can save your business time and money. In a sea of time and attendance software, how to find the right one? Here’s a guide on choosing the right time and attendance software:

The cost of the software
The first consideration is the cost of the software. To know the cost, you should be familiar with the two kinds of time and attendance system. The first is the on-premise system, which requires a one-time purchase. This system costs hundreds to thousands of dollars for the software and installation.

The next is the cloud-based service systems. This system is cheap, which includes a minimum fee. For this, you will get free support and upgrades but you do not own the software. At the end of the day, the prices may or may not include the hardware.

time and attendance software singapore

The features of the software
Whether you consider a cloud-based or on-premise system, you want something that is easy to use and flexible. Do not worry because most of the programs have demos. With this, it is important that you try a few versions. Features you should consider:
•    Employee portals
•    Employer portals
•    Access controls
•    Backup capabilities
•    Audit trails
•    Regulation compliance

The advanced features
You should also determine if you want advanced features. Advanced features will mean more costs but it will provide your company with a detailed description of time and attendance.  Advanced features you should consider:
•    Employee scheduling
•    Performance and productivity monitoring and tracking
•    Alerts that notify managers when employees miss a clock-in or out
•    Reports that include an outline of hours worked and leave requests
•    Job costing that tracks the employee’s time by task
•    Multi-company support allows you to use the same program in your other businesses.

Time and attendance software can make a difference. It is time that you install it and starts enjoying its advantages.