Man Utd is Having a Trade: Dybala for Lukaku?

The Argentine team is currently facing a problem if they can persuade to head for Old Trafford and it is a tournament in which United would be the huge winners, regardless of the potential consequences. Connoisseurs of Italian football association can’t still believe their decision for trading Paolo Dybala for Romelu Lukaku. According to Manchester United, this action only represents that the current coach or organization is a no-brainer.

Lukaku with a reputation of making $91M at Old Trafford, with a playing status of 42 goals within the two-season not supplying enough to convince Ole Gunnar Solskjaer that he might be favored over Marcus Rashford in the number-nine current status.

Because of this, the Belgian team becomes desperate to make a move.

Dybala for Lukaku? Man Utd Explained The Situation

Because of the current situation of United, adding football player such as Dybala might be tempting for the team’s decision. However, the decision remains unclear for now, but if they made this deal a successful one, a winning path can be seen along the road.

Moreover, Dybala is a ready-made addition to the overall success of the team. He has the ability to create his own play from behind the frontman, because of this, he gained his reputation as one of the greatest forwards in the Italian football game.


Though these abilities and stats don’t guarantee success for United, with thousands of reasons to explain, this decision might not conclude as desired. Moreover, Dybala had an auspicious but inconsistent three-year spell with Palermo in 2012.

After Dybala moved to Juve in 2015, he was shifted immediately as a senior player and became the key player following Andrea Pirlo, Carlos Tevez, and Arturo Vidal. But during the same year, the same tendency remained for him to play for lengthy periods in different season matches even before the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo in 2018.

Having traded to suit Ronaldo, it became hard for Juve to make the best out of Dybala since Argentine is not a match because of the wide position. However, the reality aftereffects of lacking in the game for Dybala and other players have been more 먹튀 presence in Turin according to others.




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