Play A Golf Round In Your Weekend

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Golf may be considered as the game to play on enjoying the nature in the surroundings. Golf is the sport of ball and club in which player need to hit the balls in holes in fewer strokes as possible. Golf does not have common ground to play as like all other ball games, it has different playing ground; here terrains with different course are used as playing ground for golf. The courses for the usual games have 18 holes but in some recreational course only 9 holes are present. Each hole in the course will have tee box which is used to hold the ball few inches higher to make player hit the ball in convenience, sands are also used for this purpose.

Game play of golf and its course

golf clubs in PensacolaGolf is played with the intention to make the ball drop into the hole with possible fewer strokes. The player who made lower number of strokes considered as the winner of the game. There are two format of game play following by golf players to find the winner of the game. They are stroke play and match play. In stroke play, the lowest strokes or number of strokes counted at the end of the round or end of the play of the team. The player who made the lowest number of strokes is declared as winner where as in match play strokes count is taken for each hole.

It consists of round in which player need to complete 18 holes. These holes are depending on the course structure, the course may consist of water, rocks, long grass, fairway, sand traps and other hazards or structure. Each game starts from ball on tee box it circles through the course to complete all holes. Golf club are used to hit the ball, club is like long stick with club head. After the round is over the lower strokes count makes the winner.

Golf is sort of good leisure game one can enjoy in the weekend to get relaxed from routine life style. If you are wishing to take the club in hand to hit golf ball just sign up in golf clubs near your places. There are many golf clubs in Pensacola. Among them the Tiger Point Golf club offers variety of benefits and options for each membership that you are made with them. Get membership and enjoy your weekend in nature club and ball sport.