Easy Ways to Identify Authentic Diamonds

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. It was first discovered in Indian mines 3,000-6,000 years ago. In the 19th century, the popularity of diamonds rose because of a combination of increase in demand and successful advertising. The most popular use of diamonds today is for adornment.

You have to know that there are four characteristics of diamonds to include; carat (the weight), cut (the quality according to polish, symmetry, and proportions), color (the hue), and clarity (the clearness from inclusions).

Diamonds are very rare which makes it extremely expensive. To be sure of the quality and authenticity, you need to buy diamonds from trusted sellers like palm springs jewelry.


If experts are not available, here are some tips to determine whether it is a diamond or not:

Considering a water test:

This is the most basic test you can consider. For this test, you need to fill a drinking glass with water until it is ¾ full. After that, you should drop the stone into the glass. Note that if the stone sinks, it is indeed a real diamond. If it floats, it is considered a fake diamond. Real diamonds sink because it has high density.

Try the fog test:

This test is simple. You do not need anything just put the stone between your fingers and breath on it. Notice that a light fog will form on the stone because of the heat and moisture of your breath. If you see that the fog disperses quickly, the diamond is real. If the fog remains for several seconds, it is likely to be a fake diamond. Remember that diamonds conduct heat, therefore, it dispels the heat immediately.

Check the markings:

If a diamond is placed on the ring, it should have the appropriate markings. Diamonds are very expensive, which is why it should be set in high-quality jewelry as well. The markings should be noted inside the ring. For example, you will see markings like 10K, 14K, 18K and 22K. If it is PT, it means platinum. If you see a C.Z marking, it means it is Cubic Zirconia, which is not a real diamond. Also look out for numbers like 770, 900, and 950.

Conduct a heat test:

You may think that heating a stone can damage its integrity. Don’t worry; in fact, the heat can determine whether it is real or not. You have to keep in mind that diamonds are created with an astoundingly strong material, which makes it unresponsive to high heat. To conduct a heat test, secure a glass with cold water, plyers, lighter and gloves. The first thing that you should do is heat the stone using the lighter for 40 seconds, after that drop it into the cold water.

Use a UV light test:

You can also test a diamond using a UV light. If you have a UV light, place the stone under it and see the reaction. Authentic diamonds will emit a blue-colored glow. However, there are authentic diamonds that do not glow, which makes this test not definitive. It is still best to consult the experts to make sure if the diamond is real or not.